Here are some programs we've done for the Summer Reading Program in past years, plus a few other programs we've done elsewhere. Sometimes we resurrect a program when a school or seasonal theme creates an interest for it.

Make a Splash!

Suitable for All Ages, Libraries - Summer 2010

Stories and songs about water, strange instruments that use water, and an opportunity to play water percussion.

Be Creative - Drum!

Suitable for All Ages, Libraries - Summer 2009

Shhhh ... NOT! A drum circle in your library so that every child from ages 1 to 100 can get into the action.

The Unhuggable Bugs

Suitable for All Ages, Libraries, and Zoos - Summer 2008

A favorite subject of just about every kid - BUGS! Lots of songs about bugs, with bug facts (ranging from the gross to the fun) sprinkled through out.

Best Pet in the World

Suitable for All Ages, Libraries, and Zoos - Summer 2006

Henry & Maria went trotting the globe to seek the World's Best Pet. The audience members learned through familiar tunes and fun facts about various animals from around the world and then voted for whether or not these animals would make a good pet.

Medieval Mischief

Suitable for All Ages - Summer 2005

A goofy and interactive show that introduces the audience to medieval history, life, and music. Maria magically ends up in Medieval England, where she must solve a riddle. In her search for the answer, she meets several interesting characters and sings many songs with origins from the medieval ages. Students have many opportunities to participate and play instruments during the show.

Plant A Seed, Read!

Suitable for children in preschool to grade 3, Libraries - Summer 2004

A great show for libraries. Don’t miss your opportunity to invite Sticks and Tones to sing songs about the joys of gardens, books, and libraries. The lively songs and stories about children and plants will delight and inspire your patrons!

Fall Harvest Festival

Suitable for preschoolers to adults.

Come reap the harvest of the growing season and fall festivals. Halloween tunes are available for this show.

My Funny Valentine

Geared towards adults, suitable for all.

Celebrate the love and fun of romance with a variety of music ranging from gentle love songs to playful duets.