Sticks and Tones appeals to children ages three to thirteen in small or large groups. Sticks and Tones performs in a wide variety of venues, including:

  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Festivals
  • Parties
Sticks and Tones tailors the length and content of the programs to suit your needs.

Sticks and Tones programs enhance your school's curriculum by supporting Arizona's Standards in Education in social studies, music, and foreign language. Contact us for more details.

Below you'll find a list of the programs we offer, and here you can find a list of our past programs.

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Libraries Rock!

Suitable for children in grades K-5.
(Available Summer 2018) Summer Reading Program Show

How does YOUR library rock? Join Sticks and Tones for fun songs, silly jokes, and on-stage participation in our musical quiz show about finding great (and sometimes humorous) ways that your local library ROCKS and your readers are ROCK-STARS.

Build a Better World

Suitable for children in grades K-5.
(Available Summer 2017) Summer Reading Program Show

Building a Better World is not only about technology and construction! Join Sticks and Tones for fun songs and on-stage participation in our show about empowering ourselves to build a better world with whatever gifts we have to offer.

Every Hero has a Story

Suitable for children in grades K-5.
(Available Summer 2015) Summer Reading Program Show

Are you a hero? How about someone you know? Let's find out through music, jokes, and audience participation with Sticks and Tones.

Science of Sound

Suitable for children in grades K-5.
Summer 2014 Summer Reading Program Show

An exploration of how we make sounds through fun songs and activities. Includes an introduction to looping and great tunes for all ages, including Sticks and Tones take on Shake, Rattle, & Roll and Shout!

Dig It

Suitable for children in grades K-5.
Summer 2013 Summer Reading Program Show

A collection of fun songs, jokes, and riddles exploring the theme of digging, rocks, and dirt! Kids determine the show's order by picking flowers from our flower pots and participate in our on stage band.

Amazing Arizona

Suitable for children in grades K-5.
Summer 2012 Summer Reading Program Show

To honor our state's centennial, Sticks and Tones invites you to take a tour through the history, people, and cultures of Arizona. Through music, we cover just about everything that makes our state great. We bring alive the ancient peoples who laid the ground work for many of our modern cities, we relive the building of the railroads that brought so many newcomers to our lands, and we celebrate the diverse cultures which all contribute to a unique mix that can only be found in Arizona. Happy 100th, Arizona!

Coming to America

Suitable for children in grades K-5. A more sophisticated version is available for recitals and concerts.
Was also the Summer 2011 Summer Reading Program Show

Harnessing the power of personal narrative, Maria tells the stories of friends who have chosen to pursue their dreams in the United States. The many reasons for leaving their homelands to make a new life in this country are brought to life through the music and stories of these remarkable people. This is a unique opportunity to enhance any social studies curriculum. Perfect for Columbus Day and United Nations Day.

Name That Book!

Suitable for pre-K and K-5 audiences - Was also the Summer 2007 Reading Program Show

Music, clever lyrics, and general silliness clue kids into guessing the titles of favorite books. Librarians love the direct effect this program has on the number of books checked out of the library. We'll likely resurrect this one for Reading Month!

Lit Hits!

Suitable for all reading levels, from gifted to special needs.

(Link to Arizona Academic Standards supported by this program.)

Ideal for Reading Month! This is an interactive literacy program designed to support the Arizona Academic Standards while engaging children’s imaginations. Your students make books come alive by choosing and playing various musical instruments to audibly illustrate a story as it is being read. This program engages the students’ higher intelligences while supporting those nifty Arizona Academic Content Standards in reading and music. If desired, we can work with a book of your choice.


Suitable for children in grades K-5.

(Link to Arizona Academic Standards supported by this program.)

¡Vámonos, Amigos! Sticks and Tones will take your students on a musical tour of Southwestern United States, Mexico, and Latin America. Your students will explore Hispanic culture, geography, and music while moving to the rhythms and music created on authentic Latin American percussion instruments. Perfect for the celebration and education of Mexican Independence Day (September 16), Cinco de Mayo (May 5), Columbus Day (Día de la Raza)!

Winter World Tour

Suitable for children of grades K-5.

In this program, Maria and Henry offer a special musical world tour of winter holidays. Your students will sing, laugh, and play a variety of instruments throughout this festive, multicultural program. We visit many countries to celebrate their holidays, including:

  • Hannukah
  • Depavali
  • Christmas
  • Winter Soltice
  • Ramadan
  • Japanese New Year
The audience becomes part of the show by playing ethnic instruments, wearing outrageous hats, using our giant map, and engaging in our fast-paced Geography Game. Languages featured include Spanish, German, Hebrew, Tamil, American Sign Language, and others.

Christmas Cheer!

Suitable for preschoolers to adults.

Bring in the holidays with a traditional Christmas program. Sing along to favorites from this festive season, including Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and other fun tunes. We can include religious songs and favorites from Mexico and Spain.

Kidz Compoze!

Suitable for 3rd to 6th grades in a classroom setting.

Residency - Ask About Grant Opportunities. A residency tailored to your classroom and students. We will utilize whatever instruments and skills your students have to help your students compose their own classroom pieces. Connections are made with literacy concepts such as form, theme, story-telling, and elements of plot. No music program? No problem. We supply instruments and students can create their own.

Got a band or a choir? Looking for something for older students? Check out Henry Flurry's composition residencies.

1492 and You

Suitable for 4th and 5th grades in a classroom setting.

"This is a powerful learning experience for the kids!" Roberta Schamber, 5th Grade Teacher.

Residency - Ask About Grant Opportunities. A multi-session social studies seminar illuminating the impact of Columbus' discovery of America on everyday contemporary life. We trace the human and cultural migration through percussion. Using a dynamic application of multiple intelligence theory, students at every ability level dive into:

  • the market forces that spurred 15th century exploration;
  • the origins of slavery in the New World;
  • the exchange of products and ideas between the Old and New Worlds;
  • the reasons for shifts in global power over two centuries;
  • the reasons for studying history;
  • the ways we can use history to understand and make decisions in our own lives.
Every minute of this exciting experience is attached to one of the Arizona Standards for Teaching and Learning.

Weddings, Cocktail Parties, Festivals, and Other Events

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All shows can be given in both English and/or Spanish.